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If you are looking to grow your business, increase your brand awareness and develop the leadership and management knowledge of your team - then welcome to our site.

From PR and digital marketing campaigns, promotional messages through corporate and product videos, great written copy for websites, eshots and blogs, production of mobile apps and new beacon technology and learning how to deal with the media, in a ‘live TV style’ green screen studio environment, we can help.

Home of seasoned marketing and communications professionals - we have been successfully enabling companies and their senior teams to grow since 1998.

Click here to contact us today to see how we may be able to help you - we would be delighted to do so.

To view our digital services and film making capabilities please click here.

Growth Accelerator

Is your company 'Going for Growth' in 2016?

Leadership and Management development

We can help you to address new routes to investment, and new ideas and strategy for your business to achieve your full growth potential.

Like most of the companies that we deal with, you have currently probably already built your business and are looking to move it to the next level – but you do not have the in-house experience to do that.

If this sounds familar - we can help!

By working alongside you to address the barriers that are holding you back we can work assist you and your senior team to identify the best route for you to achieve your next growth stage.

Our experience can assist you to develop the following:

  • Development of a successful and sustainable growth strategy -including marketing and communications.
  • Unlocking your innovation potential
  • Connecting with the power of your own people
  • Discovering new routes to funding and investment and markets too

In addition there is an exclusive access to up to £2,000 match funding for your senior managers to develop their leadership and management skills – we like to call it developing your business from the inside out.

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Public Relations

Everyone's public relations (PR) requirements are different and unique.

Whether you are launching a new product or service, organising an event, or looking to increase your brand awareness - with our experience, we can tailor the right activity to suit you.

Together we develop a public relations strategy, complete with target audience, aims and details of measurable outcomes.

And, all of our activity is approved by our clients before issue, so you are safe in the knowledge that your communications are in good hands.

What is PR?

PR is the art of creating and maintaining your company's high profile reputation.

We achieve this by generating positive media coverage, linking your company with an affinity partner and maintaining good relations between you and your public.

Who can benefit from PR?

Everyone can benefit from better communications - whether it be a one man band or a large international organisation, we can help you get your messages and brand in front of the right audiences.

Every client has different aims and we put together a full PR strategy to achieve these objectives, by developing a full media campaign, with detailed strategies, to convey your company's key messages.

The results will be clear, from new business enquiries to increased website traffic to heightened brand awareness.

How can we use PR?

There are countless ways that PR can be used to create and maintain your businesses' high profile reputation.

After developing news with strong angles, we work with the media to secure coverage in the trade, local, regional and national press.

And, should a media crisis ever come your way, then rest assured that our team are fully equipped to take the reins and deal with it.

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Our state of the art green screen studio in Coventry is ideal if you require Studio Services at a cost effective price.

Our media and presentational courses ensure that you have the 'best dress rehearsal you can ever have' - click here for more information

Whether you are looking to hire our state of the art ‘green screen’ studio with 3D effects for your video content – or have it produced for you by our in-house team, we can help.

Our BBC endorsed cameras, Newtek Tricasters and Adobe Premier editing software and professional lighting ensures perfect results for all of your project requirements, every time.

Based in the Midlands and able to perform live Internet broadcasts from our studio, we are the perfect choice of studio for your individual requirements.

Corporate Services

Let us bring your business to life with a stunning informative video for your website, a product demonstration, or an engaging video newsletter to get your message across - it's so much more effective and personable than a flat email communication.

We also run team building event days, where you can experience the unique buzz of creating your own news broadcast, from filming, presenting and live editing – it is sure to get your communication skills running into overdrive!

Video Newsletters

Sharing information with your employees is a critical means of engaging staff and securing maximum productivity.

Video is fast becoming a medium for communicating with prospects and customers too because of its ability to both engage and inform.

Video newsletters are a contemporary way to communicate to your employees and those around the business community. Not only is this a “green” way to pass your message along, but it is visually engaging which keeps your audience’s attention.

The other major benefit of a video newsletter, unlike traditional newsletters, is that updates and alterations are easily completed due to the digital format it has been produced in, with up-to the-minute changes being a breeze.

Your newsletter can be distributed in a large variety of ways, including email to an electronic mobile device message, and can strengthen company communication and retention whilst being effective and environmentally friendly.

360 degree crystal clear video production

We have brought together all of the latest video technology to now offer full 360 degree video shoots.

Our production team will also include within the video 'multiple' viewpoints and areas of importance, including a click through to other video's, all within the 360!

The panoramic results with background music and a voiceover are crystal clear and have a real elegance about them - unlike the 'start-stop' results that we have all experienced in the past.

Ideal for all service based companies including, restaurants, hotels, museums and sports and event facilities, the 360 can now combine a crystal clear preview for potential clients to view your facilities 24 hours a day.

Contact us today to see how we can bring together your 'brick and mortar' locations with your digital and social media channels - our 360's combine video and photography to create a unique experience that others simply cannot match.

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Having a web site is important, but increasing traffic and attracting visitors to your site should be priority. Our Internet marketing and search engine optimisation services are designed to drive targeted traffic to your web site.

At a recent exhibition we conducted a 'Web Effectiveness Survey' across a whole range of visitors. The objective was to find out how well people thought their website was performing - and it threw up some amazing results.

The ten questions covered a range of repeated mistakes found during our usability tests and highlighted the key elements required to make the most out of a site. Participants in the survey ranged from public sector organisations to large e-commerce online vendors, and all see their website as crucial to their business.

We would be delighted to discuss with you how we can secure more activity from your website for you - just complete our contact form and we will be in touch.

Key findings include:


...of businesses have no way of monitoring or measuring how their website is being used


...of respondents felt that their website visitors do not look at the areas of their website they would want them to


...believe their site isn’t as easy to use as it should be


...of respondents believed that it is easy to find their site


...of businesses admitted that their site was not making the difference to the business that it potentially could

Our multi-channel marketing services include the following:

MMS/Text Campaigns

Mobile Apps



Eshot Campaigns


News Releases




Contact Us

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Management Training

Whilst we have successfully worked alongside companies of all sizes in helping them to become famous since 1998 - we are also working with companies to help them with an ‘inside-out’ approach to develop their directors and senior management team too.

We are able to offer your management team our proven mentoring and coaching and leadership and management training programme, in an informal management learning environment - either on a 'one-to-one' basis, or within in a friendly and fun group programme.

We can help you to develop the following:

  • An effective personal style that is just as individual as they are
  • Direction in creating a joint enterprise culture for your team
  • Planning and developing a more cost effective team and organisation
  • Helping you to create a relevant and manageable communications strategy
  • Working alongside them to create and understand the opportunities that social media can offer them
  • Helping them to create and manage a marketing strategy that is relevant to their company
View our Leadership & Management Development Training

The Management Team

The Boss

The Boss

Steve has over 30 years experience in the marketing and communications arena. A growth coach and mentor he heads up our PR team - and is the driving force behind our company.

He is a wizard at networking and you will regularly see him bringing various partners together, to form Affinity Partner relationships.

The strap line on his business card reads "he knows a lot of people" - and that just about sums him up!

Contact him today to arrange an informal and relaxed one-to-one meeting, to discuss your requirements.

The Slim Controller

The Social Online Guru

Lisa runs both our online activity and financial requirements like clockwork, and keeps both our clients and us in check!

Her ability to keep projects on track, contracts in order and look after the financial requirements of our company are second to none.

She has the title of The Social Online Guru, but prefers to be known as 'The real boss' - as she is married to Steve!

The strap line on her business card reads, "she gets the job done" - and that's how we like it!

The Corporate Trainer

The Corporate Trainer

Vivien has a wealth of experience in teaching business studies, business law, HRM and organisational politics in both further and higher education.

Having been involved in cost-recovery she very quickly appreciated the difference between teaching and training, and was soon designing and delivering bespoke training courses for both the public and private sectors. Her past experience includes involvement with Coventry University with responsibilities for recruitment, development and support of contract trainers.

An accomplished and very experienced trainer working with SME's and blue chip companies, she now heads up our Leadership and Management training programme and is affectionately known as 'The Corporate Trainer.'

The Creative Guru

The Creative Guru

Paul heads up our our design and print division.

He has conceived, designed and printed many projects over the last 25 years working with key clients such as ATS Euromaster, The BBC, and Glaxo Smithkline.

A creative thinker who always has a neat idea up his sleeve!

His relaxed and informal style is ideal for both one-to-one and board level meetings, and that's why he is know as The Creative Guru.

The LinkedIn Coach

The LinkedIn Coach

With over 25 years experience in business development Mark will guide you step-by-step through LinkedIn, showing your team how to unlock the true power that will develop new clients.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform - if you know how to use it!

And that's why Mark is known as The LinkedIn Coach.

The Video King

The Video King

With over 15 years experience in professional multimedia production, Tom started his career by launching an international short film theatrical distribution company in London.

He has worked for Soho based production companies with global clients including Paramount, Universal, Momentum, Pathe and the BBC and lecturers in film production for Midlands Universities.

Tom has headed up a West Midlands production company producing over 100 brand promotion films in the past 3 years and is a passionate and highly skilled cinematographer, who can unearth the beauty in any subject, with a real knack for putting people at ease - and that's why he is known as the 'Video King.'

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Not Monologue

George Bernard Shaw once said that "the problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished."

We believe in providing you with honest feedback on where you are at present - and, what you need to do now to get to where you want to be.

In order for you to understand how to communicate more effectively, both as a company and through the eyes of your senior management team, we will address the following:

  • We will help you to understand how to identify the purpose of a conversation with the relevant audience.
  • We will also help you to deliver an effective and relevant message.
  • We will show you how to test how you were heard and whether you were understood.
  • And finally, we will teach you how to listen with intention and conviction.
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